Unboxing The Fisher King's slipmats by DJ Firstdub

The talented DJ Firstdub from Switzerland tested and reviewed our turntable slipmats. He made this very cool unboxing video, and this was his verdict:
"I can only say fantastic and of course the slipmats covers look great.
The slipmats are really good for scratching and for beatjuggling .
I tested it and have to say, super, very good. Respect.
So, the slipmats are suitable for vinyl lovers and of course also very suitable for turntablism ." Unquote
Thank you DJ Firstdub!!!

You can see more of DJ Firstdub on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/djfirstdub/

All our zoetropic turntable slipmats are available at: https://www.thefisherkingstore.com/