The museum sessions: Hi Hawaii

23 February 2019 20:00 - 23:00
Hi Hawaii is the Brussels ExperimentalFizzPopExplosion-duo of musical wolverenes Jens Bouttery (drums, keys, vocals) & Lennart Heyndels (bass, keys, vocals). They both thrive on their multi-linguistic experience with free jazz, contemporary music, pop music, theatre & film music. Thus their habitat sits between catchy pop songs and weird borderless improvisations. Sing-along-able as hell, their lyrics refer to the absurdism, joy & sadness of everyday life.

'With the aura of a pinball machine, the duo flips between playfull funk and jazz, appealing melancholy and the determined willpower to put a smile on every face. Songs, disguised as absurd little pieces of art, driven by 2 scatterbrains creating order with melody & sound.' (Ewoud Vermote, Theater Aan Zee 2017)