Shakin' Strings & Attention Attention

29 September 2018 14:42 - 14:42

September is the month of our local heroes!

Not one but two bands from Coxyde!!

-Shakin' Strings: Swampy blues-Americana-Acoustic. 2guitars, 2 voices, 1 footstomp

-Attention Attention: What started out woth an old school tape recorder and some recordings of an anonymous stringsensemble, turned out in Attention Attention. 

Humo's Rock Rally's Jury witness their first performance in Januari 2018 and compared them to a crossover of Chuck Prophert and Admiral Freebee.

They describe themselves as a 4 piece ballroom orchestra that loves popsongs

Attention Attention = Nick Herweyers (vocals/guitars), Arne Demoen (drum), Kris Demets (bas) & Tim Duyck (keyboard)

tickets: 12 euro

Start: 20.00



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